Indie Arts Vintage Market – Every #3rdweekend #downonPark

Material Things is excited to announce that we are going to have a special Pop Up event, an Indie Arts and Vintage Market, every 3rd weekend of the month on our beautiful new lot #downonPark!  The half acre lot with magnificent live oaks, pecans, and cedar trees is the perfect setting for a Pop Up Market once a month.  We are close to the Farmers Market, there are plans to grow this end of our charming downtown, and we have so many friends and fellow entrepreneurs that want to network and meet new people!  Many other cities have a similar market place where they set up for commerce on a regular basis and celebrate local independent artists, foodies, and artisans.  Many of these vendors operate Etsy storefronts or websites and do not have a regular brick and mortar storefront – although their goal is to grow and build their clientele!  Soda City in Columbia or the Saturday Market on the River in Augusta are similar operations and we hope to grow over time to that sort of a vibe!

The Indie Arts and Vintage Market will be from 9am -1pm every 3rd Saturday of the month.  The first event is July 21st!

In addition to artists/artisans/vintage dealers, there will be local musicians busking with their  instrument cases open for your donations. The Feel Good Food Truck will be here serving breakfast/brunch style food in our Cafe area where we will also have a Skill Share class going on! In July, Amy Neely and friends will be teaching us how to do old style crewel embroidery like this:  Pitch in for supplies and learn a new skill under the oaks each month. So, we are basically throwing a great Saturday morning party #downonPark once a month.

There are other activities #downonPark being planned on the 3rd weekend, also.  An Urban Sketchwalkers group is being formed, there is Bluegrass at the Depot, and of course, the Farmers Market.

Material Things is planning special activites inside and around our shop for this event, also.  Stay tuned for an invite to our annual Dorm Decorating Party during the July market.  This is a fun Mother/Daughter activity to customize that new home away from home, get tips from last year’s Freshmen, or change out a few decorating items as you move from a dorm to apartments.

Artisans, artists, photographers, and vintage dealers are signing up to rent booth space now.  If you are interested in helping grow the market and your business, give Kristy a call at (803) 643 3701 and she will let you know all the details.

Tell your friends about the #3rdWeekend #downonPark and plan to come hang out with us!  It’s pretty cool in the mornings under all these trees!


Indie Arts Vintage Market – Every #3rdweekend #downonPark

5 thoughts on “Indie Arts Vintage Market – Every #3rdweekend #downonPark

  • July 14, 2018 at 10:09 am

    I am Richard Whitaker, I live here in Aiken and I design and make jewelry, beading, specializing in hand knotted necklaces. I am very interested in being a vendor at nexy weekends Indie Arts Vintage Market.

    My phone # is 540-467-1585

    Thanks in advance


  • July 25, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    How do you become a vendor? What are you looking for?

    • January 22, 2019 at 9:43 am

      So sorry for just seeing this! Our next market is March 16th, 2019. To get approved to be a vendor, please send us photos of what you make to [email protected]
      Thank you! Look forward to hearing from you!

  • December 2, 2018 at 8:17 am

    The next market is this Saturday, August h, at 616 Park Avenue SE from 9:m-1:m.  According to Kristy Taylor of Material Things, who coordinates the vendor signups each month, there are twice the number of vendors signed up this month as participated during the first event.  Organic dog treats, jewelry, art, food, clothes and antique vendors are all represented among the vendors. Feel Good Food Truck will be back with delicious breakfast offerings or an amazing burger.  A local art group is creating a clothesline art show.  A drumming group will be setting a peaceful tone from 9:00 10:00 so bring your drum if you want to join them.  Local musicians will entertain the rest of the morning in the cafe area.  And so far, the ChickenMan is back on board to show up! Follow along with the event by clicking here .  New vendor information is added there and you can ask questions.
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