A Closer Look At the Collection of the Day: Josef Collection

This design was inspired by the vegetable tree fabric. Designed by Josef Frank in 1943. Katy found a true treasure when she came across this fabric. The fabric we used to make the pillows with is the original 1943 fabric!

Click the Bold links beside each numbered item for more information or call the Design Studio and we’ll be happy to give you personalized details and options.

1. Side chair with green cut velvet. $385 each. Two available in studio. 2. Custom made pillow with Schumacher, Sikar embroidery. $115. Available in studio. 3. Deer and rabbit down form. $120. Available at the Rock House Antiques. 4. Josef Franck vegetable pillow. Pillow cover $85. With pillow form $125. Available in studio. 5. Kantha throw made in India. $48. Available in studio. 6. Navy blue leather hide. Available in studio. 7. Fabricut, Zenith. Call the shop for pricing. 8. Hamilton Rosette fabric. $21.75. 9. Duralee geometric fabric red and blue. $13.50. 10. Zimmerman Rayune mustard, yellow, blue and white fabric. $24. 11. Gold Damask 100% raw silk fabric. $45. 12. Crewel fabric on silk base cloth. $65. 13. Lina’s multi-colored tape/trim. $8. 14. Handmade outdoor art made by Donna. $54. Available in studio.

Learn more about our interior design services. Stop by our OPEN STUDIO on Thursday or Fridays in Aiken. We are here 10 – 4 both days. Other days are by appointment.

A Closer Look At the Collection of the Day: Josef Collection
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